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Understand. Act.

We focus on creating experiences that are more meaningful, more delightful, and ultimately, more human.


Human behavior is driven by reason and emotion. Unlocking the understanding of how this influences choices. It continues to be a challenge for companies.

We created Selffii Spectrum and is the result of a decade of industry research in applied machine learning and analytics.

It makes understanding your vision simple and intuitive.


Selffii Spectrum Portal


Selffii Intelligence

Selffii is an artificial intelligence company

We are a group of researchers, technologists and business leaders

pushing the limits of human understanding

Selffii Spectrum, is our platform.

Market Insights
  • Cloud first, mobile first platform
  • Gamification methodology
Rich Profiling
  • Social graph
  • Longitudinal
Cultural Context
  • Built-in
  • Comprehensive model
Machine Learning
  • Predictive results
  • Able to see patterns without researcher bias




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